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  Our Olde English Bulldog, Beans was attacked by another dog during a walk. The attack caused him to limp and his knee would make a

  grinding noise. We took him to a specialist which determined he had ACL tears in both of his back knees. Surgery was recommended. We

  decided to look at alternatives due to the recovery time and cost. We found Val and appreciated that she was certified and focused only

  on massage. Beans began to see Val on a weekly basis for around a month. After the first few appointments we noticed that the grinding

  noise had stopped and that Beans was no longer limping. We continued the treatment and moved to bi-weekly appointments. A few months

  later Beans is jumping, running and amazing us with his energy. He can balance on his back legs which we have never seen him do even

  before the attack. We have been extremely impressed with the service and would recommend Val to anyone who has a dog with mobility

  issues. - Megan and Shane Sellar and Beans   



  Canine massage absolutely works!  Our 85 lb. dog has limped on his front leg for over four years.  We tried everything to help him –

  chiropractor, glucosamine, acupuncture – all to no avail.  Then we found Pawsitive Touch Canine Massage.  Val worked her massage magic on

  him for three treatments so far and the difference is amazing!  He no longer limps after a long walk or run, he runs down stairs again, he

  even plays like a puppy!   Val's passion for her work is so obvious, as is her love of every dog she meets. She is kind, patient, calm and dogs

  are naturally drawn to her.  Thank you, Val, for your hard work. Your assistance in improving the quality of life of our big "fur-baby" is so

  very much appreciated!  -  Dana Rode and Kiya


  "I was so blissed out from your wonderful massage that I stayed mellow all evening...AND I slept through the night, without having to get up

  to pee --- first time in months.  That meant that my Mom and I both had the best sleeps in ages!!!

  - Thanks a lot...Maggie  (14 years "young" Yorkshire Terrier)


It was such a pleasure having Val in my home to do massage with my puppy. Now I say puppy, but he’s a purebred giant Alaskan Malamute,

  so he’s 110lbs and his name is Ares. Last year Ares pulled a muscle in his thigh, which has caused him to limp when he plays for too long. The

  vet looked at it but said there wasn’t much we could do. So I was thrilled when I was told about the benefits of dog massage. I got in touch  

  with Val and learned even more amazing benefits while going through her website. I can tell you Val showed up at my house and she has such

  a warmth to her.  She is extremely comforting and Ares just loved her.  She just created the perfect environment. I watched her take my 110

  lbs dog and turn him into butter. The time and care she took with him was amazing. Even more amazing was how after even just one

  treatment, I could see a massive difference. You could now touch his hip without him getting upset.  He wasn’t walking so stiffly and he was

  running better.  It was the best thing I could have done for him. I cannot wait to do more treatments, because not only is it improving his

  quality of life, he just all around enjoyed it. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Val herself or the works she has done.  I am

  extremely grateful.  -  Brandie Sedore and Ares



  From the 2013 AAC National Championships in Leduc, Alberta:

  Emma, of www.milesandemma.com, has written an in-depth account of the experience she and her dog, Miles, had with Pawsitive Touch

  Canine Massage.  She brought her 4 year old, male Welsh Terrier to me after he had been attacked by another dog a week prior.  He had

  been traumatized by the attack to the point that he would not leave Emma's side, nor would he sleep in his own bed.  They were in Alberta

  for the 2013 AAC National Championships, an event in which Miles was supposed to have competed, if it were not for his injuries.  

  Here is a passage:  

  "After the massage, Miles relaxed for the first time since the attack. He went from cowering and shaking violently in the corners of my friend's       home...to walking around her home exploring later that evening. I could not believe it on so many levels. I was in complete awe of Val's ability

  to navigate Miles' body in a way that even I am not allowed. Being a terrier, my dog can be pretty antsy about being touched for any

  prolonged period, and that is on a good day! She clearly knows what she is doing, and she proved to me that massage works for animals, not

  just humans. We went back to see Val the next day to get Miles a second massage. I would have never guessed how helpful massage would be

  for Miles. It ended up being truly invaluable to his recovery in every way. Because Miles walked away from the massages feeling so relaxed, his

  body was able focus on healing, rather than focusing on mental anxiety and physical tension." 

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