Therapeutic Maintenance 

A healthy dog is an active and playful dog, experiencing the quality of life that you want for them. To help keep them healthy and active, a regular maintenance massage program can aid in the early detection of abnormalities, such as lumps, injuries or temperature changes in the tissue, which can facilitate an early medical diagnosis of a problem or concern.  In some instances, the element of time can be life-saving. You can book a therapeutic maintenance massage any time, including after the completion of a performance or rehabilitation program. Therapeutic maintenance massage is most effective for your dog when they are able to have 1 or 2 sessions per month.

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Performance Massage

There is nothing better than being able to provide your dog with the necessities to perform their job.  Whether training for a competition or working as a guide dog, a performance massage is what they need in order to be in the best shape for their role. A performance massage is designed for those active dogs who are repeating a task over and over, often times with the expectation of increased results in the task. This program is most effective for your active dog when they are able to have 2 to 4 sessions per month, depending upon their level of activity or competition.

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Rehabilitation Massage

We have all been there; felt the pain after an injury or suffering from an illness, and it is no different for your dog. Your dog’s body will reach a state of physical equilibrium facilitating natural healing or he may have to undergo a treatment program initiated by your veterinarian. Dogs in a weakened state due to illness or injury, dogs with arthritis, in cancer remission, pre/post-surgery, or newly adopted shelter animals, will greatly benefit from rehabilitation massage. This program is most effective for your senior or recovering dog when they are able to have 1 to 4 sessions per month or more.  The number of sessions would be based on the issue.

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Important Note:  

Depending upon the purpose, when experiencing massage for the first time, your dog may not exhibit results in the first few sessions.  Their bodies are going through physiological and involuntary changes, including changes to their nervous, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory and immune systems. While massage will help to relax them and provide pain relief, the physiological changes may take longer to be exhibited in some dogs than in others.