So excited to be in Calgary Dog Life Publications' blog!  https://calgarydoglife.com/pet-massage/ 

Calgary Dog Life publishes Calgary Dog Life Magazine and the Calgary Off-Leash Dog Park Guide. Keep an eye out for the February edition of Calgary Dog Life Magazine for my article on keeping your dog warm in the winter entitled, "Jackets, Boots and Canine Massage"!  And be sure to get your copy of the Calgary Off-Leash Dog Park Guide when it becomes available in vet clinics and pet stores near you!


Getting Belle settled for massage for interview on June 16, 2015

I was very honoured to have been interviewed by Meghan Jessiman of the Calgary Herald and again by the Herald's photographer/videographer, Christina Ryan.  The article ran in the July 11, 2015, edition in the Life section, and both the article and video interview can still be seen on the Calgary Herald website.  They were picked up by the National Post and went viral all over Canada, having over 20,000 hits!

Click here to take a look at the article and watch my interview about canine massage.

  Belle during massage.

Belle during massage.


I wrote an article for Clean Run, an agility magazine based out of the States entitled, "How Massage Can Benefit the Canine Athlete."  I am proud to say that it was published in their February 2016 edition.


On August 31, 2014, I did a live interview about canine massage with Dr. Wendy McClelland, veterinarian and founder of Vets to Go, and Greg Habstritt, President and Managing Partner of Vets to Go. They do a weekly, pet-oriented radio show to provide relevant, interesting and valuable content for listeners, so that pet owners can take a more proactive role in ensuring the health and happiness of their pet(s).

Please have a listen to Episode 47 to hear how beneficial massage therapy is for your pet!  

(Interview begins at 08:29)